So I Just Watched Fifty Shades Freed and I Think I’m Pretty Much Gonna Be Useless Throughout Today


I read the 50 Shades trilogy last year and my imagination worked wonders, making me smile like a fool in paradise. But the movie? The movie is way worse.

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Hey It’s Not Wednesday But Guess Who’s Crushing On Me? Me!

Just to give you an insight on who you’re dealing with right here!

Hey, since nobody wants to crush on that beautiful, wonderful person up there; allow me😋

Just cos I want to have a longer caption, here are ten things I’m sure you do not know about me, rehdwolf

1. I think people who smile without showing teeth are creepy☺✖

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Some Crazy Stuff To Cheer Up Your Weekend!

I think we pretty much did crazy stuff when we were little but I like to think I was a lil’ bit crazier than normal. Here goes!

This is more of a throwback post. Enjoy!

I think we pretty much did crazy stuff when we were little ( I feel my own brain wasn’t fully developed that’s why.)

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We’re Running Out Of Time

It should be noted that good things do take time. The question is, how long are you willing to wait?

My father paid good money on my mother’s head so why should mine be different? My mother found a husband who she could boast of any and everywhere she went, so why shouldn’t I have a man who I can boast of? My mother said.

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When Shit Happens – It Turns To Fertiliser

The receptionist threw her a menacing look for the third time but Chloe was motivated by her annoyance.

And then… 

The steady tapping of her low heeled pumps corresponded with the audible sound of the ticking seconds a clocked echoed round the white walls.

The couch she sat on seemed to have only wood in them and no foam; her butt hurt badly and she had to change positions severally.

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If You’ve Ever Liked Someone Who Didn’t Return The Favour… This Is For You

I’ve been there and done that. Oh blood of Zachariah, that sh*t is quite painful 

I liked someone who did not like me back and…

This happened last year. I think we met through a friend of a friend and things spiralled from there.

We hung out several times (actually, it was enough to ignite this flame in my heart that eventually became a fire) My heart would start racing stupidly each time I saw him and I’d struggle not to get too excited even though I barely managed. Funny enough, we never really hung out like on a ‘one on one’ ish, it was always more of a group thing. And it was fine by me initially but later on I wanted something more… I don’t know. 

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A Friend In Deed 7

All’s well… You know the rest

Sir I knew they needed money and so I capitalized on their need for it. I paid them so that they would help me with Stella, I wanted her out of the competition so that I would stand a chance at winning. Facing Stella, she continued:

‘You are the best dancer I know, me trying to take that away from you or even trying to separate you guys was just foolishness.’

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A Friend In Deed 6

Now things take a turn for the… better or worse?

Ruth felt like she was living in her nightmare. Stella refused to pick her calls or reply her texts and she never spoke to her in school. She pretended like she didn’t know her and would just look past her when she did try to talk to her in school. A week went by in this fashion. As for the tape, Ruth was at a loss as to what to do with it, it was obvious Stella wanted nothing to do with it. However, that was until she heard that the final screening to pick the candidate for the Nationals in the dancing competition was scheduled to hold in a week’s time.

Losing Stella, she felt she had lost everything and this reflected even in her attitude at home. It wasn’t until one day when she was cutting onions and suddenly stopped and started staring into space thinking about Stella and the good times they’d had that her mother sat her down to talk to her. All her mother had to say was:

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